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  From Bhagavan Das:  

Bhagavan & Krsna Prema dasThis section celebrates the love and friendship of my dear friend Krishna Prema (Paolo Tofani).  An internationally accomplished musician, artist and genius inventor, who was immediately and spontaneously receptive to Krishna consciousness, along with his good friend Krishna Chaitanya (Claudio Rocci), another musical genius and sound engineer. Together, these two friends, played a major role in the inspiration and creation of the 3 musical albums you can listen to, under the music tab.  They were among the primary forces in the creation of Radio Krishna Central, based in Italy, which now broadcasts devotional programs worldwide.  Though many years have passed, since I've had their personal association, they have remained very dear to my heart in so many ways.

Though both of these two great souls were initially disciples to me, I also consider them great teachers to me.  Their love, friendship and
sweetness, inspired me to reach a higher potential in myself, which in turn, brought much joy to so many others.  Through the music we created together and the accomplishments we collaborated on in Italy; in the spirit of service to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Radha & Krishna, I feel very blessed to have had the good fortune of knowing them, along with many others, not mentioned here.

It is with great honor and affection that I credit this section to them and have posted links to their pages for more information.  You may
access their wonderful and inspired creations below, filled with creativity and infused with consciousness and love.

Bhagavān Das

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